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Maserati 4200 Spyder Cambiocorsa - F1 Gearbox - SOLD / VERKOCHT / VERKAUFT

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For sale
Building year:
Nero Carbonio Metallic
287kW (390PK)
Automatic 6-Speed F1
Engine capacity:
Nero Carbonio Metallic
Black Leather

Emotion is the first word which comes to mind when you think of an Italian.

Charm is the second one, because of the lines.

Enjoyment is the third and probably the most important one. Just drive it...


One thing is for sure; this Maserati has all three of them.

Especially when you  get the opportunity to drive it topless. Sunshine on your forehead, sunglasses on, just enjoying the scenery and driving dynamics. But wait until you come across a tunnel, then this enjoyment will be enhanced maximal when you let that naturally aspired Ferrari V8 speak!

Our example is accident free, smoke free and in top condition. Obviously the Maserati is garage kept and only driven as a nice weather car. Also she's Maserati dealer maintained.

Who will be her next owner?

  • 0KM - 31.07.2004
  • 23.561KM - 15.06.2006
  • 46.346KM - 25.04.2008
  • 50.433KM - 01.07.2008
  • 57.040KM - 28.05.2009
  • 61.753KM - 26.07.2011
  • 63.878KM - 13.04.2012
  • 64.696KM - 04.07.2012 (New clutch)
  • 69.164KM - 25.10.2013
  • 70.600KM - 26.10.2016



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