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Alfa Romeo 155 1.8TS Widebody 2 Squadra

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€ 0,00
Building year:
601B Nero
93kW (126PK) - 118kW (160PK)
Manual 5-Speed
Engine capacity:
601B Nero
Leatherblack sport

An Alfa? Yes an Alfa! We know it is something different than you would expect from us, but this thing is amazing! It lives, it mumbles and it breathes how a real Alfa should. Completely rust free, everything works and it drives like a sport car. This 'Widebody 2' is not original anymore. Yes the from outside (Expect the Borbet alloy wheels), but underneath it has been a major overhaul. In 2014 only about €7.000,- where spent (Invoices available). Down beneath is the full list of modifications.


Not a collector's item, not an investment object but a real lively car!


''emozione pura''

Option list:
  • Electric windows
  • Electric mirrors
  • Sportsseats
  • Leather interior
  • Manual sunscreen in the back
  • Foglights front
  • Airbag Driver
  • Anti lock brakes


  • Biltstein schockabsorbers
  • Eibach sport springs
  • Eibach spacers
  • Aligned at Biltstein & Eibach specs
  • Squadra chipped (Original available)
  • Squadra sportbrakes with sportclaws
  • OMP strutbar
  • Full stainless steel sports exhaust
  • Stainless steel/Titanium spaghetti exhaust manifold
  • Borbet 16inch alloy wheels
  • Etc.


  • 3 Keys
  • Original books
  • Original codecard
  • Original spare tire
  • Bunch of invoices
  • Original chip


  • MOT untill 05.2016

Shipping worldwide possible. Please ask for your specific price!



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